FooGallery 101

What is FooGallery?

The Most Intuitive and Extensible Gallery Creation and Management Tool Ever Created for WordPress.

Built to be simple for users and highly flexible for developers.

How is FooGallery Different from Other Gallery Plugins?

Our #1 goal with FooGallery was to utilize as much of the core image and gallery handling functionality that is already built into WordPress as possible.

This avoids confusing end users with arbitrary terminology and buttons that look nothing like what they're already used to using.

The result is an intuitive gallery creation and management experience with the added benefit of the powerful features that FooGalley includes.

FooGallery Overview

When you first activate FooGallery, you'll be presented with the main Welcome page. This page gives you an overview of the available features of FooGallery.

When FooGallery is updated, you will also see new features listed here after you run the auto-update process.

There are three tabs on this page, Getting Started, Extensions, and Other Plugins.

Getting Started

Here you'll find a quick overview of the main areas of FooGallery, including a few specific features of each section.


This is where you'll see the available Extensions for FooGallery. Each Extension adds a specific functionality or design template to your FooGallery installation.

They are categorized into different groups, including All, Active, Featured, Free, Premium, and the Build Your Own Template Generator.

Other Plugins

This is information about our other plugins found at

FooGallery Settings

You'll find some General global settings for FooGallery here.


You'll find some general FooGallery settings here.

Default Gallery Template

You can choose your preferred default gallery template here. You can override your gallery template choice when creating or editing your individual galleries.

NextGEN Gallery Importer (Optional)

If you have previously used the NextGEN Gallery plugin and would like to transfer your images and galleries into FooGallery, you can do that here.

Rename your NextGEN Gallery Names and Start the Import

You'll see a list of your existing NextGEN Galleries and an editable field for your new FooGalleries. You can leave these names the same, or change the names of your galleries during the import process.

Import NextGEN Galleries into FooGallery

Gallery Import Progress

The importer will show you the progress of each gallery import by counting the number of images imported into each gallery.

Importing Galleries into FooGallery

Successful Gallery Import

When all galleries and images have been imported, you'll see all green in the Import Progress column.

Galleries Successfully Imported

Viewing your Imported Galleries

To view your newly imported galleries, go to FooGallery-->Galleries

Viewing your FooGalleries

Creating a New FooGallery

To create a new FooGallery, navigate to FooGallery-->Add Gallery and start by giving your Gallery a name.

Adding Gallery Items

To start adding image to your gallery, click the Add Media icon.

This will bring up the familiar WordPress Media Library and Upload Files options.

Choose the images you would like to include in your galley and choose the Select button on the lower right. This will insert your selected images into your new FooGallery.

Gallery Settings

Below the Gallery edit screen, you'll see the Gallery Settings area.

Each individual FooGallery has settings that can be applied. We'll go through those options below.

Gallery Template

You can choose what gallery template should be applied when the gallery is seen on the frontend of your site.

There are several built-in templates, and any addition templates you have activated in the Extensions area will also be seen as a choice here.

Thumbnail Size

You can specify the size of the thumbnails in your gallery. You can choose from the built-in WordPress image sizes as you have them set in Dashboard-->Settings-->Media and all any custom sizes defined by your theme or other plugins.

Thumbnail Link

Here you can choose to link your thumbnails to it's full size image, or to the media attachment page.

In most cases, we recommend linking to the full size image so lightbox plugins like FooBox will work properly.


If you have a supported lightbox plugin activated, you can choose to apply it to your gallery here.

Thumbnail Spacing

Choose the spacing you would like inbetween each thumbnail image in your gallery.

Gallery Alignment

Choose how you would like your gallery aligned horizontally within your post or page.

Border Style

Choose the border style you would like applied to your gallery thumbnail images.

Hover Effect

Choose the hover effect you would like applied to your gallery thumbnail images.

Gallery Shortcode

You will find a shortcode has be created for each gallery. This can be pasted into any page or post to diaply your gallery.

Click the shortcode in this box to automatically copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting elsewhere.

TIP: You can also use the Add FooGallery editor button when creating or editing a post or page to accomplish the same insertion of this shortcode.

Gallery Featured Image

You can set a Featured Image per gallery. This image will show in your gallery listings and can also be used in your own custom gallery templates.

The image you use as your Featured Image does not have to exist in the gallery itself (but it could).

Gallery Usage

This box will show you a list of pages or posts where this current gallery is being used.

It's a great time saver when you're managing your previously created galleries.

Create Gallery Page

If your gallery has not yet been inserted into a page, you can quickly create a new page to use for your gallery.

Inserting FooGalleries Into Posts and Pages

Displaying any of your galleries in posts and pages can be done quick and easy using the Add FooGallery button in the Editor screen.

FooGallery Post and Page Editor Button

In any post or page edit screen, you'll see the Add FooGallery button above the editor.

Select the FooGallery

Clicking the Add FooGallery button will present you with a listing of all the FooGalleries you've previously created.

Notice that each gallery has an image to represent it. This is what the gallery Featured Image was used for in the previous step.

Choose your desired gallery and click the Insert Gallery button.

After your gallery has been inserted, you will see a representative image containing the gallery shortcode ID and the featured thumbnail image you've defined for that gallery.

If you haven't chosen a featured thumbnail image, the first image in your gallery will be used.

View Your New Gallery Page

Publish your new Page or Post and you'll see your beautiful new gallery!

Viewing and Editing FooGalleries

You can of course view and edit any of the FooGalleries you've created.

Viewing All Galleries

Navigate to FooGallery-->Galleries and you will see all the galleries you've previously created.

Just like Pages and Posts, you can edit any FooGallery by clicking the edit button under the gallery name.

Editing a FooGallery from a Page or Post

You can also go into Edit mode on any gallery from within a Page or Post by clicking the Edit icon.

Using FooGallery Extensions

FooGallery was created to be extensible and uses Extensions to add additional functionality and styling.

You can view the available Extension by navigating to FooGallery-->Extensions.

If you would like to create your own Extensions, please read the documentation here.


Support for FooGallery is provided via the forums or from the GitHub repository page.

If you experience bugs or have specific feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub.